Obama wants to be king of America

Mr. Obama is setting up a Marxist or dictatorship form of government so he can be the first king of America, and not our president. He is totally ignoring the Constitution with his mandates, executive orders and executive privilege orders. He is trying to destroy all religion in America, especially the Roman Catholic religion, with his mandates. Why did he give an executive privilege order on Holder’s documents on Fast and Furious unless he is trying to hide something? This is not fair to border protection officer Brian Terry’s family.

I am very protective and passionate about America and what happens to her and our freedoms. I remember the communist, socialist, civil-unrest demonstrations and protesting during the 1960s. The Democrats and unions are blaming the tea party and the Republicans for everything, but the Republicans are doing what they were elected and put into office to do: Put a stop to the spending.

President Bill Clinton was a leader. When he was governor, he worked with the Republicans to balance his state budget. When he was president, he put politics aside and he worked with the Republicans to balance the budget. But Nancy Pelosi and King Obama will not work with the Republicans to balance the budget like President Bill Clinton did.

President Bush after 9-11 gave the order for the military to find the ones that were responsible for the attack, and bring them to justice. It took 10 years to find them, and they did. Now King Obama is taking credit for it. Also, in the last two years of Bush’s presidency, the Democrats refused to do work with President Bush for the good of the country on the budget and President Bush’s hands were tied.

EDITOR’S NOTE — This letter was edited to fall within the 300-word limit.